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05/11/2011 16:44
  Katla is an Icelandic volcano. It lies north of the southernmost village asked in Iceland Vik in Myrdal and east of the smaller glaciers Eyjafjallajökull. Reaching its peak height of 1512 meters is partly covered with heavy hail Mýrdalsjökull thickness from 200 to 700 m and area of ​​595...

Island waiting for a massive explosion

05/11/2011 16:38
Massive Icelandic volcano Katla is now the most feared volcano in Europe. Seismology warn volcanic eruption of Katla, but also the volcano Hekla, which could cause its power far greater chaos in the air as the air space last two Icelandic volcanic eruptions. According to data from the Icelandic...

Latest Icelandic volcano eruption Grímsvötn

22/05/2011 11:35
The latest explosion Grímsvötn Icelandic volcano in the southeast of the island meant that the authorities issued today ban air traffic in the circle of 200 km. According to meteorologists, the wind direction moves through the volcanic high white cloud about 19 km towards Scandinavia. The rest of...


07/03/2011 22:41

geotermal activity

07/03/2011 22:31

The volcano threatens the sky again

07/05/2010 21:08
Iceland volcano Eyjafjallajökull started Friday intensifying its activity again threaten Europe's air space.  "In the nights (from Thursday to Friday) and again there was a more intense eruptions.The area of potentially high contamination of ashes should be projected to expand during the day...


21/04/2010 19:30
Vatnajökull is located in the southeast part of Iceland and its size of 8300 km2 is the largest glacier in Europe.The thickness of the ice in some places around 1000 m.

Katla blow up, there is a true hell, warns Island

21/04/2010 19:18
Reykjavik - The Icelandic President Olafur Grímsson in an interview for BBC television called on Europeans to the depression Eyjafjallajökull volcano, located under the same name hail, rather displeased.  According to the eruption Eyjafjallajökullu probably foreshadow a series of...

Iceland's volcanic eruption in the past caused the death of tens of thousands of people

19/04/2010 17:05
Cloud of volcanic dust and ashes after last week's explosion of the volcano in Iceland, particularly crippled air travel in Europe. Significant impact on the lives of the old continent also had another eruption of the Icelandic volcano more than 220 years ago. The Laki erupted 8th June 1783,...


18/04/2010 10:35
    Skógafoss waterfall is located in the south of Iceland to the former coasts of cliff.Seaside away towards the sea (now at a distance of about 5 km from the waterfall), a former reef remained parallel to the coast, combined with some hills clear boundary between the coastal lowlands...
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