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Things, why this island to me is an unique is a lot .Whether it is its location, climate and natural phenomena, natural beauties, the way of life or history,everything that meets in one place somewhere in the Atlantic.Such a find a place in Europe.Human is in this region aware of that a beautiful but fragile is our world is and that a tremendous Earth power is there. 

  Year in Iceland is divided into a polar day and polar night.During the polar day as if hasn´t no sunset.If you are lucky and the sun,While the sun warms but it's cold and windy.Rays hitting the earth at a slant and it is cold and in summer.The temperature during sunny days in summer is about more than the 15 degrees, particularly 20 degrees Celsius.During the polar night is very little daylight.Daylight is starting about from ten in the morning and getting dark around 14:30.In late autumn and winter can be seen in clear weather in the evening sky aurora borealis.It´s a really beauty.

 The excellence is perhaps that people here believe in this day of trolls and elves.They believe that they have affect on the various forces of the Earth and those sometime can show their power.

Another exceptionality is a large number of waterfalls, rivers, lakes, hot geysers and glaciers.Some waterfalls are even with hot water.As for the rivers, so those who stream down and up glaciers have cloudy water, instead of the river from the mountains with crystal clear water.The island is not a lot of bridges, so the majority of the river ford.The lakes are mostly in turn created by volcanic activity, some of which serve as natural sauna.The water in these springs from the earth and it's hot.The most famous natural hot lake on the island Blue Lagoon,in the bay near Reykjavik is used as a natural spa.

Geysers are the most popular around the island by tourists.They are situated in the center called Geysir and the largest geyser gave name to all geysers in the world.Geysir and amounts to 60 m, but after the earthquake in 2000, is active only rarely, and mostly just babble.This side Strokkur and other geysers are much more active.Strokkur spout from the ground after a few minutes.It is a wonderful sight for tourists. Glaciers on the island are several and they look beautiful from the aircraft.  


 -Reykjavik street photography during the polar night.The first photo is made about 11.15 am and the second 10 minutes later .....