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Weather in Iceland

Weather in Iceland usually very unstable. After a while can be here several different options . Usually cold, and almost always windy.There are large differences between different parts of island.Coast affects the warm Gulf Stream but also cold air from Greenland.Differences in different parts of the island are sometimes dozens degree Celsia.Weather is often rainy, cold and foggy. In the middle of island though you can experience snowstorm.


Transport around the island


 Transport around the island (as there are not all built railways) is only possible by bus after a big Icelandic circular route number 1, which is mostly surrounded by coastline and offroads.If you decide just for this mode, so I would advise you to choose renting ( eg. at the airport or elsewhere) a better offroad (less cars are cheaper again), especially if you want to see as much as possible even into the country.There is usually only driven on paved roads (otherwise they are quite good) but often runs beyond the lava fields and wade rivers. It may be a big problem  in the  winter. Rivers are frozen and also  outlined path of the lava field due to strong wind lost.Between  some places in the season can also take small aircraft ( make flights to the not too distant Greenland about 300 km) or you can go by boat. Itś the best way to see the ocean or fish (eg.whale watching) .Short trips you can also pass on horseback, bike or quad . The glacier is moving on snowmobiles or specially adapted cars.And of course very short distance you can move and walk .....


Prices in shops


 Prices of food and service are also high. More  expensive are cigarettes and alcohol, of course, obtainable only in special shops in larger towns.But  prices in restaurants are high too. You can buy cheaper food in supermarkets in major cities. When the official tender in Iceland „Icelandic krona“ in the shops can also apply to another currency (in agreement with the vendor that will convert the current rate which depends on whether the season or not).




Can eat in restaurants, hotels or cheaper at gas stations (snaek style, fast food restaurant). Icelandic cuisine is quite simple (especially prevalent lamb meat, lamb, sheep, beef, horse, less pork, are also of course fish (in different ways ), shrimp and specialty Puffin ,poultry) or eg.meat  balls prepared  of sheep meat, dried fish, dried shark and other  foods with potatoes, chips or rise. In Icelandic restaurants you can pay by your credit card.


Health service


Health care on the island is at a very high level.To the quality of services but also facilities of hospital. Big Hospital is a modern state hospital in Reykjavík.Health care thanks to high tax levy is subsidized state.Health centers, so those are located in larger catchment villages.There is usually only one doctor and in his absence you call him by phone.




Call is possible thanks to the three mobile operators (in 2005) simcards and recharge coupons can be bought at stations or in some shops.If you decide to go inland, you must reckon with the fact that you do not have any net.In the middleof the island is sparsely populated and so there is coverage mostly weak. (you can only call from elevated places)




Souvenirs can be purchased at any tourist center close to some attractions, of course, in the cities, then to some stations and also in the airport.In souvenir shops you can buy warm clothes and designer made mostly from sheep's wool, movies on DVD or as books .