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 If you are discouraged mostly cold and windy weather (even in summer)

you will certainly experience perform if you spend some time in the Icelandic countryside

at some hiking or aktivity.You can spend free time in different ways

and will certainly choose absolutely anyone.

Swimming in lakes and thermal pools

More or less thermal pool in each major town or village. The most famous geothermal swimming pools in Iceland, whose fame exceeded the shores of the island, the Blue Lagoon geothermal spa on the Reykjanes Peninsula, about 40 km south of Reykjavik. Huge natural pool filled with blue geothermal water with healing mud at the bottom, artificial waterfalls, water slides and steam and dry saunas on the shore, it is simply a place of rest and relaxation during the Icelandic ugly rainy weather.

Nordic rafting and canyoning

 Popular floating turbid river (of course with cold water) on rafts .Glacial rivers and increase their volume of flow due to melting glaciers.It´s attracts for lovers of extreme sports.


 Increasingly popular sport in Iceland.

Activity group

The discovery of glaciers, visitors can choose independently or within group activity.Joint trips to glaciers organize during the season and guided.On the glacier, visitors are transported by special vehicles group activity and the glacier is moving on snowmobiles or modified cars.On the peak of glacier is organized picnic party.Move on the glacier to be the utmost caution, because of sink holes and that there are therefore no movement of the guide is quite hazardous.Sometimes the cracks are deep and several tens of meters. 

Horse riding

 Best way of getting to know the island is of horse saddle.There are also organized by the seven-day tours on horseback.


Whale watching 

 Popular trips to sea for whales.Watching these animals of proximity .Ship are specially adapted to this work, for example, deck of a ship is glazed.Every Iceland visitor should receive such a trip for whales."Who saw the whale in Iceland, so there was not."


The fishing

 Icelandic waters are rich in salmon and trout. Fished in lakes, rivers, but especially fishing on the high seas is becoming increasingly popular ....