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 Icelandic horses 

The Icelandic horse has five natural dishes: step, trot, a fast gallop, pacing and tolt .Tolt (Closed) is a special gallop very fast, simple lateral operation, which lasts only a short horse. Icelandic pony is strong, tough and sturdy, with big head, intelligent eyes, short thick necks, sturdy legs and thick mane and rich thatch.It is interesting that he has excellent vision and mysterious instinct to return home. Their normal height is between 127.5 and 135 cm, and although predominantly white, fawn or red, can be found among all colors.Where is the problem of availability, there will certainly see this pony.It is also used for tourism (several days trips on horseback) or riding.This horse is very resistant to outdoor weather conditions and you see it in winter.Then he has a "winter coat" and always turns back to the wind.These horses are bred primarily for meat .

Fish and seafood

Fish and seafood (eg.shrimps) were in the past and are still the dominant source of livelihood Iceland.Icelanders are able to prepare it is very tasty fish and other marine animals.

Indeed, even if you Icelander wants to show respect, offer you dried fish.

Sheep in Iceland

On this island it regards agriculture as the dominant industry in sheep.Farmers prefer free range, meaning that their sheep in the spring are released into nature, and leave them there until the arrival of winter.Sheep feed themselves and move the meadows and hills.You will meet them everywhere.It is interesting that travels mostly in triplets.Sheep are raised for meat are the main types of meat on the island and wave, which is used to make warm clothing.In the preparation of sheep, mutton and lamb Icelanders do not use any spices.  


Puffin is a bird which Icelanders regarded as its symbol.

He is a strange bird, which is in a period of agglutinates in Icelandic rocks on the sea shore.

He is pretty bad air, but it better swimmer.He can dive to depths of several tens of meters for its food, which is fish.In Iceland, does capture the birds and then used the network to the extended stick.Fished for meat in Iceland and delicacies.