Katla blow up, there is a true hell, warns Island

21/04/2010 19:18

Reykjavik - The Icelandic President Olafur Grímsson in an interview for BBC television called on Europeans to the depression Eyjafjallajökull volcano, located under the same name hail, rather displeased. 

According to the eruption Eyjafjallajökullu probably foreshadow a series of further volcanic eruptions, although it can not be accurately predicted to explode with such force.

Charge makes it particularly Katla volcano, covered by glaciers. In a related Eyjafjallajökullom Magma channels in the past several explosions followed Eyjafjallajökullu eruptions.
"Katla is much larger and exploding at least once a century. The last eruption in 1918, so you wait a couple of years new," said Grímsson. According to him, is capable of Katla volcanic ash and dust paralyze much of the planet.

The explosion could be ten times stronger than Eyjafjallajökullu explosion.

Active is also popular Hekla volcano, from the 19th century Icelanders called Gateway to Hell. The last time it flush ash and lava in February 2000, but a weaker eruptions.

"Unfortunately, what we've seen in recent days, may be just the beginning of a series of events that pull the entire 21st century. This was just a little preparation for what comes," said Iceland's president.

Some scientists fear that the melting of ice associated with climate change may aggravate volcanic activity in Iceland, which lies at the junction of two tectonic plates. North American and Eurasian.

The island is about 140 known eruptions, including 30 active

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