The volcano threatens the sky again

07/05/2010 21:08

Iceland volcano Eyjafjallajökull started Friday intensifying its activity again threaten Europe's air space. 

"In the nights (from Thursday to Friday) and again there was a more intense eruptions.The area of potentially high contamination of ashes should be projected to expand during the day in Iceland further south to the western part of the Iberian Peninsula." Eurocontrol says

According to experts from the crater of the volcano has ceased Eyjafjallajökull leak lava and the "eruption of explosive change again".

"When you come to  activity, Ash becomes a gentler when activity increases, it could cause problems in the European airspace."

Volcano Eyjafjallajökull after a long time assumed to life 14th April, which churns out ash into the air, which crippled air travel in many European countries.Volcanic ash is hazardous to aircraft engines and may cause them to be decommissioned.


/ Source: SITA /