Latest Icelandic volcano eruption Grímsvötn

22/05/2011 11:35

The latest explosion Grímsvötn Icelandic volcano in the southeast of the island meant that the authorities issued today ban air traffic in the circle of 200 km.

According to meteorologists, the wind direction moves through the volcanic high white cloud about 19 km towards Scandinavia. The rest of Europe would probably not intervene.

Exploratory flight over the volcano's glacier found that the smaller amount of ash is of about seven kilometers. Huge white cloud consists mainly of white smoke, stated the agency DPA geologist Hjorleifur Sveinbjornsson.

Grímsvötn volcano was last active in 2004 and only a few days. In its range to 100 km inhabited by no one.

In 1996, an explosion of this volcano and floods damaged roads and bridges, said Sveinbjornsson. Grímsvötnu eruptions are interesting in that run under the ice.

Heat eruption melted enough ice, which causes pressure and the subsequent outpouring of the enormous quantity of water from the lake. The lake is also noteworthy that in 2004 it discovered the bacterium, the first in a lake under the ice with very little oxygen content.