Wake the volcano

22/03/2010 16:32

The volcano located in Eyjafallajoekull glacier in southern Iceland erupted Sunday. Authorities responded to the eruption of the immediate evacuation of more than 500 residents in houses located near the volcano.

"We think that nobody in the area is not in danger, we have launched an evacuation plan and about 500 to 600 people have already evacuated," he told AFP Sigurgeir Gudmundsson of the Icelandic civil security office.

RUV public broadcasting company informed that the eruption began shortly after midnight and the main road was closed. Residents were evacuated from the vicinity of the volcano for possible flooding from melting glaciers possible. As also indicated Icelandair of three aircraft that flew to Iceland from Boston, Orlando and Seattle, the authorities ordered them to return to the United States.

"In (the) Fljotshlid already started falling ash and people in the area reported seeing bright light emitting from the iceberg," said RUV on its website. Area residents advised to closely monitor further developments. "There are no signs of flooding, but according to experts, could happen," says RUV with the fact that there "is not entirely clear whether the explosion takes place, but this is determined.

Volcano on ice Eyjafallajoekull last erupted in 1820 and subsequently in 1823.

Source: spravy.pravda.sk