13/04/2010 00:35

"Mosquito lake" is a shallow eutrophic lake and is located in active volcanic activity in the northern part of Iceland, near the Krafla volcano. Lake and its surrounding wetlands are extremely rich fauna of aquatic birds, especially ducks. Lake was created a large basaltic lava eruption 2300 years before, and the surrounding landscape is typical of volcanic landscape, full of lava pillars and holes-cracked pseudocraters. The lake flows Laxa river and is rich in trout and salmon.It goes north to the Greenland Sea.

  Name of the lake ( Icelandic "mý"(mosquito) and "vatn" (lake), Lake mosquitoes) come out of the huge quantity of flies (midges) that are found here in the summer.
Mývatn name is sometimes used not only for the lake, but also for the whole surrounding inhabited area.
 River Laxa,Mývatn lake and surrounding wetlands are protected as nature reserves.