Eruption of volcanoes in Iceland

14/04/2010 23:40

Icelandic authorities on Wednesday morning, hundreds of residents were evacuated from the area surrounding the volcano Eyjafjallajökull glacier, which after a short break again active. AFP informing police spokesman Baldur Sigurdsson, which had to leave their homes from 700 to 800 people.

As for the agency said Icelandic professor of geophysics and consultant for civil protection, Magnus Tumi Gudmundsson, a new eruption probably occurred about one hour in the morning (3:00 CEST). The crews of two airplanes he noticed smoke flare is "currently small, with an increased release of ice water. Public station RUV Iceland on its website reported that the evacuees were sent to Red Cross centers.

The March Fimmvorduhals eruption in southern Iceland was the first in this field since 1823. Authorities briefly evacuated after the eruption 600 residents of a remote island, located about 125 km east of Reykjavik.